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Private Diary
1. When you visite Private Diary for the first time, you should create a new user by clicking Register menu item. In register web page, you should accept our term by clicking I Accept button, then fill in your personal information in the form for create new user.

2. To add diary, click Add Diary button, then you will find a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor just like MS Word, input your diary content, and click Submit button to save.

3. To browse diary, click Browse Diary button, the recent 7 diaries will display in the screen. To display different diaries, select different Year  or Month from left list box. If you want to edit or delete a diary, just click corresponding Edit or Delete button of that diary.

4. To search diary, click Search Diary button, then input one or several keywords (separatewith space) in text box, finally Search button, the search result will display in grid

5. You may export your diary to local PC by clicking Export Diary.

Suggestion: I suggest that you write your entry in local notepad program and save it first, then paste it to webpage, finish click submit. You know the network have less reliability than local PC, suhc as server down, routing problem, network segment... , so I always write my entry in local PC and save first then paste to webpage no matter Blog, Twitter, Forum etc.