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Online Bookmark
Why store my favorites online?

Your bookmarks are available on any computer with access to the Internet, protected by a password. So you can access them from anywhere and anytime, not only from home, but also from work, when you are visiting friends, when you are traveling etc. You can access your bookmarks with any browser on any type of computer. So you are not tied into one particular browser. No more conversions of one bookmark file into another or trying to keep bookmark files between browsers in sync. As your bookmarks are online you can make the bookmarks available to family, friends, co-students etc.

Why choose Online Bookmark?

The Online Bookmark is free online favorites, it can collect, organize, browse and import and export internet bookmarks.

1. Every user has his own bookmarks and password protection.

2. Provide two types of bookmark interfaces (Tree-Type just like Internet Explorer Favorite and Folder-Type). You can select from the two interfaces to browse it according to your specific desires. Any more, your bookmarks can be displayed in a separate popup window.

3. Easily add new bookmarks. The title and the URL of a site can be caught automatically from client browser such as Internet Explorer without any manual input from the user.

4. Provide you with a powerful searching function. The bookmarks may be found by title, Url or description.

5. The Internet Explorer's bookmarks file, normally named bookmark.htm, can be imported to Online Bookmark system.

6. The bookmarks stored in Online Bookmark manager system can be exported as a local Internet Explorer's bookmarks file.

Why do you still hesitate?

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